HOPE NOW Military Podcast features Credit.org

Credit.org is committed to helping military servicemen and women meet their off-base housing needs. We’re actively participating in the HOPE NOW alliance to provide education and assistance to veterans and active military personnel.

One great tool HOPE NOW has created is a podcast series to help servicemembers find the resources they need to address their housing concerns. The podcast series illuminates and addresses real servicemember problems, offering insightful tips and direct steps for servicemembers to take to keep their families out of foreclosure. The focus of the podcast is off-base military housing.

You may find the podcasts on the web at http://hopenow.com/podcast.php, or download them using iTunes. Credit.org features in Episode #3: How to Ask for Help. Melinda Opperman, President of credit.org, speaks with host Ray Pennie about ways servicemen and women can reach out for help and overcome the challenges that keep individuals and families from getting the assistance they need.

Servicemembers who need direct assistance can start with credit.org’s dedicated site: http://homeownership.org/military-help/.