Top Online Homeowner Education Resources

We help people save their homes from foreclosure, repay debts and achieve financial freedom, but our primary purpose is to promote financial literacy. We offer free HUD-approved housing counseling on demand to help homeowners learn what they can do to be protected under the law and make ends meet financially.

For those who are new to homeownership or who have just begun the process of searching for their first home, First-Time Home Buyer Education is essential. This education is comprehensive, and covers all aspects of buying and owning a home. Approved by HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac, this education will qualify borrowers for savings on FHA mortgage insurance.

Those who complete first-time home buyer education will get a certificate of completion that may be required for various home buyer assistance programs. We offer this education to borrowers in Southern California; those in other parts of the country can find a local educator on the HUD website.

For those who are already homeowners, our free course on Preventing Foreclosure can help learn what to do if one’s mortgage becomes delinquent. We offer this free education to help homeowners know their options and to help them take appropriate action. (You can also download the Preserving Homeownership and Foreclosure Prevention workbook pdf for free.)

We also have a free PDF course workbook for our Predatory Lending course that is available for download.

We have plenty more courses and downloads that may be of interest to homeowners. Whether it’s preventing identity theft, understanding credit reports and scores, or creating a household budget, we have material available for free, on demand through the internet.

Finally, we have some free financial calculators that should be of special interest to homeowners: “How Much House Can I Afford?”, “Should I Refinance My Mortgage?”, “Mortgage Calculator”, and our “Mortgage Amortization Calculator”.

If you need one-on-one counseling or advice, our HUD-approved counselors are standing by; give us a call today!